When We Were, Collected Objects, Moleskin Notebook, Glass Jars, Wood Shelves and Polaroid Emulsion in Water and Vodka, 2014

When we were is about forgotten memories and the impossibility of reclaiming them. The show was installed in the L-Shape Gallery, beginning with a jar filled with various objects I've collected over the years. Followed were eleven glass jars filled with a water and vodka mixture and had a Polaroid emulsion floating on the surface with a vague image exposed on its skin. At the end was a Moleskin journal completely filled with handwritten text repeating, “I will never forget again.” I chose each image that I exposed on the film by talking to family members and choosing memories that they had of us together that I had already forgotten. I’ve been concerned with the idea of losing memories for several years now and an image's failure to represent that moment accurately. Along with the desperate attempt to collect memories from people, there is existing doubt of their reliability, and the unreliability of memory in itself.