Keep Out of Reach, Suboxone Wrappers, Ink on Polaroids, Variable Dimensions, 2012

For nine months I worked with my cousin to document his use and attempt to quit Suboxone. Doctors prescribed the sublingual film as opiate addiction maintenance and to control pain. I instructed Chuck to save every wrapper the sublingual film's were packaged in, and every time he would use one, I had him take a Polaroid of himself and write the date, time, and what was on his mind in that moment. The Polaroids are arranged vertically by day and move chronologically to the right. 

Documenting Chuck's story is about trying to examine a human life in real life, and attempting to find trust in these moments he shares with us. We have to question the honesty of the information he's sharing with us. More significant than the topic of addiction is the subjects' shifting mentality throughout the process. It's revealing to read his thought process and realize there is a fantasy being constructed in order to continue using and fuel the addiction, which also manifests visually through the fluctuation of the Polaroids.