It's The Coffee Grounds, Charlie Brown! 44"x34", White Out and Calligraphy Ink on Ink Jet Prints, 2011

The images in Its the Coffee Grounds, Charlie Brown are photographs I found that my father took with his Kodak Brownie when he was about 10 years old. The Coffee Grounds was the name of the property my father was raised on in Sebastopol, California. I became fascinated with the removal of information in the most literal sense, White Out. The fractured images are accompanied with text taken directly from my grandfathers comic strip, Peanuts, for another layer of disjointed information. Charles Schulz's words become the captions to private moments of his personal life. I was interested in the connections our minds conjure between the provided information. I think the fragility that is being displayed through this work is touching on significant subject matter such as family relationships, childhood, domestic life, and family dysfunction. This series was in no way meant to be about the Schulz family, but an experiment about how minds can mislead our understanding of the material. It was interesting that even though it was all written in the exact handwriting as Peanuts, most viewers did not believe it was my source because the context had dramatically shifted its interpretation.