"Immature love on the other hand (though it has little to do with age) is a story of chaotic lurching between idealization and disappointment, an unstable state where feelings of ecstasy and beatitude combine with impressions of drowning and fatal nausea, where the sense that one has finally found the answer comes together with the feeling that one has never been so lost. The logical climax of immature love comes in death, symbolic or real.. For immature love accepts no compromise, and once we refuse compromise, we are on the road to some kind of cataclysm." De Botton 

"I'm Not a Liar, Just Too Good With Words" is an investigation of the methods in which we preserve people in our lives. The exhausted attempt to 'hold on' directly leads to its destruction; dissecting moments to an unrecognizable state. Each piece was started with complete vulnerability and then overworked, using an obsessive process to actually break down the association and devalue its existence. The work focuses on labor, repetition, and death through preservation to discuss the ways in which we perform for each other. The falseness and meticulous quality of each piece raises a kind of doubt on its sincerity and authenticity. Through love, loss and fictionalized histories, the desire to control what we lack becomes more significant than the relationships themselves. 


Master & A Hound, 60"x80", Oil on Canvas

Untitled (Letter), Bronze

Untitled (Box), Handmade Walnut box, ash of 5 original essays, copper bowl, artists' burnt skin

Refinement, Glass jars, dirt, Porcelain Mortar Pestle (performance) 

We're the Same Animal, vinyl record of original audio piece, 17 minutes 

Untitled (Happy Sad Sex Death), ink on paper via typewriter, 8.5"x11"