Dissociation, 48"x120"x2", Mixed Media, 2013

This wall collection is made up of objects that were either given to me, made myself, or I had found. I am interested in this middle ground between the personal information and collective history; and where the viewer inserts themselves within the work. The piece requires the viewers to spend time with it and to conduct their own investigation through the artifacts.

The arranging of each object is a way of storytelling, each placed methodically with each one influencing the read of the next. It is not about truth or the people who once possessed the objects, but about what they could possibly become. I believe there are significant gaps, psychological and physical, in my work with memory and documentation; these are the places I find most fertile and generous, where so much can happen in the interstices. I implement a rigorous method of categorization and control within this work in order to organize the chaos that lies within all the individual pieces and its mass in its entirety.